"Story telling, and reflecting ongoing matters through music what motivate Asaad in writing his music" AFAC

Syrian Composer, Guitarist and Instructor Asaad Hamzy based in Dubai. He began his musical career composing and playing solo guitar concerts performances at the age of 14.

As a composer, he has many compositions for different ensembles, orchestral works including three symphonies, choir and opera works. His compositions have been performed in USA, UK, UAE, Russia, Singapore and Syria. Asaad was one of the semifinalists at Ravel composition competition and won best composer of nation in the same competition. He also received AFAC grant for music category twice. 

After graduating from the Syrian conservatoire, he joined the harmony & composition teaching team at the Conservatoire, and with over twenty years experience in teaching in Syria and Dubai, he developed many methods to help students learning the Guitar. Beside teaching Guitar, Asaad teach composition, theory, and Piano.

He performs regularly his compositions in Dubai with other musicians, and also does perform on the Guitar solo and as part of A.L Classical Guitar Duo.

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